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METAL SLUG 5 ACA NEOGEO IPA (MOD, Free Shopping/Full Game) iOS

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METAL SLUG 5 ACA NEOGEO IPA is a fast-paced side scrolling shooter game developed and published by SNK in 2004. METAL SLUG 5 ACA NEOGEO APK Now it’s available to gamers across the globe in its original form with online leaderboard support for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. The game includes the classic Metal Slug gameplay you know and love with unique missions and enemies. It looks and sounds great and is sure to provide a nostalgic experience to anyone who remembers the original. Read on to learn more about what makes Metal Slug 5 ACA NEOGEO so special.


Metal Slug 5 ACA NEOGEO features classic side scrolling shooter gameplay. The player must navigate through a series of levels which involve avoiding enemies, exploring levels for secrets, and searching for new weapons and upgrades. The game includes six levels in total, with each having its own unique set of enemies, weapons, and boss battles. Players can choose from a variety of characters to control, each having their own set of abilities and weapons.


The game supports a variety of control schemes, allowing players to choose the way they’d like to play the game. Players can choose from joystick, alternative joystick, or gamepad. It also supports keyboard and mouse for PC players.

Unique Missions And Enemies

In Metal Slug 5 ACA NEOGEO, there is a variety of unique missions and enemies for the player to conquer. Some levels include unique challenges, such as avoiding enemy fire or rescuing hostages. There is also an array of enemies, from tanks and helicopters to unique boss fights. There is plenty of diversity in the enemy designs to keep players engaged.


METAL SLUG 5 ACA NEOGEO APK MOD Android is an awesome game that is sure to add a little bit of fun to your day. The game allows players to battle a wide range of enemies as they navigate their way through a variety of levels with enemies, traps, and puzzles. The Mod Android version increases the challenge by adding bonus weapons and more levels. The beauty of the game lies in its simplicity- the modern visuals, simple controls, and explosive action make this game a must-try for all gamers. The APK Mod Android version is the perfect way to experience METAL SLUG 5 ACA NEOGEO in all its glory.

Weapon Variety

The game offers an array of weapons for players to choose from. From a basic pistol to a more powerful rocket launcher, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Each gun has its own unique properties, allowing players to choose the one that best fits their playstyle. There are also additional power-ups which can temporarily increase the player’s strength or give them an edge against enemies.

Additional Content

Metal Slug 5 ACA NEOGEO also includes additional content not found in the original game. The game includes a gallery mode where players can view artwork and other related content. There is also a stadium mode, which allows players to battle local friends or online opponents for a high score.


Metal Slug 5 ACA NEOGEO IPA Mod iOS is an arcade-style action game for the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. The game brings back some of the classic picks from the NEOGEO arcade console. This version includes classic characters like Marco, Eri, Fio, and Tarma, and more, as well as new enemies. The game has five different levels to explore, including a secret area at the end, as well as power-ups to help you progress. Players can customize their weapon load-out and even participate in an online game against other players. The Metal Slug 5 ACA NEOGEO IPA Mod iOS is an updated version of the classic game that allows players to enjoy the same great experience on their mobile device.


Metal Slug 5 ACA NEOGEO features beautiful 2D pixel art visuals. The game looks and runs great on modern systems, giving it a modern touch without sacrificing its classic charm. It also features a great soundtrack that fits perfectly with the frantic and fast-paced action of the game.

How to Install METAL SLUG 5 ACA NEOGEO IPA on iPhone iPad without computer?

1- Download Scarlet or Trollstore or Esign To install METAL SLUG 5 ACA NEOGEO IPA
2- Go to settings > Profiles & devices management > trust on developer.
3- Download METAL SLUG 5 ACA NEOGEO IPA on iPhone iPad And Send to Scarlet or Trollstore or Esign


Metal Slug 5 ACA NEOGEO is a great game for fans of classic side-scrolling shooters. It has plenty of unique enemies, levels, and weapons to keep players engaged. The visuals, soundtrack, and controls are all well done and the online leaderboard support adds replay value. Overall, Metal Slug 5 ACA NEOGEO is an exciting and nostalgic experience for fans of the original game.


Metal Slug 5 ACA NEOGEO is an exciting and nostalgic side-scrolling shooter game for players to enjoy. It provides players with classic Metal Slug gameplay, as well as brand new levels, enemies, and weapons. The visuals, soundtrack, and online leaderboard support add to the experience. If you are a fan of the original Metal Slug game, then you should definitely check out Metal Slug 5 ACA NEOGEO.

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